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In the process of DPC wall filler production it in considered mainly about two reasons specially the BRILLIANTLY FINISHED LOOK and the LESSER COST after applying paints. This can be used as a primary coating on newly built walls. By application of wall filler it covers and removes the damages, cracks and holes also giving a smoothly shining finished. And due to the lesser paint absorption activity your foremost painting works can be at a lower costing rate. This can be applied on the surface like walls, Ceiling, Plywood, MDF etc. Either by mixing with water or without water mixing.

Instruction for use

Surface to be applied must be clean and dry. In order to make cracks and damaged marks filled it in application without mixing water. Add one part of water with one part of with for parts of wall filler (4.1) and apply by using an ordinary hand-brush or a roller brush. Leave a period 3 or 4 hours for drying and then rub up a sand with a sand paper to obtain a smoothly touch.


Store the contains tightly closed in a sheltered cool dry place.